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The best way I like to describe Reiki is cleaning out the energetic clutter that we no longer need. In life we start to collect things and they start to pile up and this starts to disrupt the natural flow of our energy. It’s like the one junk drawer we all have. It starts out organized, we feel we know where everything is when we open it. As time goes on we start adding odds and ends to this drawer so we don’t have to deal with it or we just don’t know where it should go. We think this is okay until we need to open that drawer and find something, we are hit with overwhelming feelings and we don’t know where to start. This is where Reiki can help organize this junk. We can process it, find out why we hung on to it, how it’s effecting everything and whether or not we want to keep it. It’s an energetic clean up. And the beautiful part about Reiki is it is gentle. We wont be moving the fridge the first day to clean behind it, we start with the junk drawer.

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