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New Earth Angel Reiki

What is New Earth Angel Reiki?

Our bodies are intelligent and remember everything from the day you came to earth.  Everything we experience is stored in our cellular memory.  With the power of Reiki and the help from the Angels who are divine beings of light we are able to find the root cause of your blockage.

Image by Evie S.
Image by Natalie Grainger

How a Session Works...

In person Reiki sessions will be available in Saskatoon mid November, 2022!

All sessions right now are distance healing and are about one hour long.  You can enjoy Reiki from the comfort of your own home.  When working with energy; time and space does not matter.  

I have done Reiki sessions for clients as far as Australia, California and Italy.

We can connect on the phone or Zoom.

Investment: $80

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