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Message for the Autumnal Equinox

I was helping my husband build a shed last weekend and we are always surrounded by the beautiful trees in the yard. I was watching this one tree blow in the wind, it was a Manitoba Maple. I watched her leaves dance and noticed the different colours of her leaves. This whole teaching came into my awareness and I had to write it down.

The trees are the ones that symbolize the entire Equinox in one picture.

Change. Surrender. Let go. Trust.

These leaves are all in different stages of letting go and it’s beautiful how each one

is honouring their own time for when it’s safe to let go.

Some leaves are still green (unsure of change and don’t want to let go)

Some leaves are yellow (surrendered to the change)

Some are dried and brown (ready to let go and embrace the change)

Some have already fallen (taken the leap and now they trust what’s next)

It’s a lesson on how to honour everyone’s own way of letting go. Everyone works through change in their own way. The leaves aren’t judging each other on whether they will let go today or tomorrow. They are only worried about when they are ready.

It’s also a reminder of how beautiful change can really be.

We all get there in the end but in our own way and on our own time. Nothing in Mother Nature is rushed.

That’s where Reiki is a gentle way to let go of what is no longer serving you. Nothing is rushed, we honour your own natural rhythms. Whether you’re the green leaf or the yellow leaf we’ll figure out your own way to let go.

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