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Message from the Maple Spirit

Did you talk to the tree and tell her you were going to cut down one of her branches? This is what I asked my husband before he started the chainsaw. I’m so connected to the tree spirits on the property I let them know if they are getting a haircut or a makeover.

I would always receive random thoughts while I was outside in the backyard and I never knew where these messages were coming from. Now I know it's the beautiful trees!

I sent Reiki to the open wound of the tree and the Maple spirit started to connect with me. After she thanked me for the kindness, I asked her if there was a message she wanted to share. She talked about the importance of kindness to Mother Earth and how this is a taught action. She also shared how to connect with the deep wisdom and love the trees have to share with all of us.

Below is the channeled message I received. (the grammar and punctuation isn’t perfect in channeled messages)

"The roots that sink deep down into our Mother Earth and we see and feel her call, her call to cleanse the souls that walk this earth to be kind to one another to be kind to the animals to be kind to her heart, to Mother Gaia. These actions are taught, and by you showing your kindness to the trees, the animals, the insects, to all loving living beings on this planet that is when the change will begin and we will see the ripple effect of the stone being thrown in the water how it reverberates all through time and space. The change starts with you, we all know it is true.

Yes trees offer physical properties to the human but have you ever thought of connecting to our spirits and the love and wisdom we have to share with you. We will guide you, come close and place your hand on ours and take a deep breath and watch our hearts connecting together. This is how we can communicate with you is through the heart chakra. This is such a beautiful healing space to be in.

Rough day? Endless tasks? Busy mind? Come outside to nature, place your hand on our heart and let us take the day away from you. We bring the energy up through our roots that Mother Earth has to offer and we send it directly back to you. And the energy you want to dispose of moves through your hands and through us into the earth to be recycled. Its a beautiful exchange.

The connection that Mother Earth has to every single human is so beautiful but yet untouched."

I thought this was a beautiful message and I felt called to share it.

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