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Visit from Baba

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

I could feel the presence come up behind me, I knew who it was.

Now that I felt like I was in the drivers seat of my connection to spirit I felt like I was ready to communicate with spirit but on my terms. My husband Troy has a strong connection to his Baba, she passed when he was pretty young. She came through to Troy during a card reading a couple years ago. He knows she is close by and keeps an eye out for him.

After I completed New Earth Angel Reiki level one and two, I was eager to start practising! Feeling the energy through my hands, the visions I would see, things I would hear and the magic that would happen was mind blowing. Troy being the always supportive husband volunteered to be my first practise client. I was scanning Troy’s chakras with my hands and when I was over his heart chakra I felt a presence behind me. I wasn’t scared this time but this is definitely a feeling you have to get use to! I knew this was Troy’s Baba, I saw her in my minds eye in a kitchen.

She said, “tell Troy I love him so much and I’m always with him”. I could feel the love she had for Troy as my heart filled with her love and joy, it brought tears to my eyes.

I knew this connection was real but I froze, I was thinking well I have to tell Troy this message. Then I was second guessing myself, is this actually happening right now? I took a few more deep breaths and then I heard Baba say, “well are you going to tell him?”. I laughed and said of course and I relayed the message to Troy.

This was such a beautiful experience to connect with her and feel the love they shared. I learned that I have to trust my initial feeling and go with it.

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