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The Phantom Feeling

This crazy weird feeling of a spirit passing through your body.

This is a term I came up with to best describe this experience. There are two locations that come to mind where this happens to me the most. I can’t pin point the first time this happened to me but I’ll explain this feeling. I was sitting on the left side of the couch and I was scrolling through my phone. When all of a sudden I felt a swoosh of energy go through my body, it left me light headed and threw me off balance. It feels like the surface beneath you shifts. It’s like a really strong wind that doesn’t go around your body but it goes through your body throwing you off kilter. This doesn’t happen often but when it does it is a strange and powerful feeling for sure.

I asked my mentor Andrea about this feeling and I remember her telling me if it is a spirit moving through your body and energy field make sure they aren’t hanging around or attaching to you. This was great advice she told me to do a scan of my body and make sure whoever or whatever had passed through me was gone.

So I was in my kitchen in this one particular spot by the sink and I felt this phantom feeling again. This time it made me feel nauseous. Instead of carrying on with making supper I stopped what I was doing and remembered Andrea’s advice. I closed my eyes and grounded myself in my body and checked in with my own energy. I didn’t feel anyone or anything attached so I carried on making supper.

The funny thing about this feeling is that it happens to my husband as well so he totally gets me. There was this one time we were in Minneapolis waiting to be seated at a restaurant with our friends. I looked over at Troy and he had this distraught look on his face then I felt the floor below me shake. I looked back at him and I could tell he knew I felt that too. He said it felt like an out of body feeling, it is a feeling you’re not familiar with. You feel weak, your balance is off, light headed and it feels like it wasn’t you for that spilt second. I looked at my friends and the other people around, they were just hanging out like nothing happened. Oh we were the only weirdos that felt this.

As I am writing this, this feeling hasn’t happened in a while until yesterday! I was standing in a different kitchen by the sink. I was making supper and this phantom feeling went through my energy field. This one was strong, I felt light headed right away and off balance. I told Troy what just happened. Then I felt the energy come through me from below and go out towards the top of my head. This has never happened before, the energy always passes through me horizontally like the wind does. I closed my eyes, grounded myself and checked in. I could feel an energy hanging around but I didn’t know exactly where or what it was. The spirit didn’t feel like it was “heavy” or “light”. I felt like there was a message to be delivered, but I could not connect to this spirit. I told Troy I think I need to sit down, this feeling just shook me up. Even though I am connected to the spirit world I do not walk around hoping to connect to any spirit that wants to talk to me.

This makes me wonder what all these occurrences have in common. Does this happen when I let my guard down and don’t have my “protection” on around my energy field or when I’m not on a high vibe and thinking lower energy thoughts? Next time this happens I am going to take inventory of what is going on in my life at the moment. Maybe I can find some answers this way?

Troy believes it is a spirit just passing through us. I feel like this last time this particular spirit was trying to get my attention. Well it worked, but hey spirit make an appointment please the next time you want to chat!

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Michael Bradman
Michael Bradman
Nov 26, 2022

I had a similar episode. While traveling in my car back through secondary roads near the Chancellor Battlefields on Rt 20., I experienced a spirit that crossed paths with me. I had the same symptoms, lightheadedness or vertigo. I told myself I hope this ends soon and it did. I believed it to be soldier(s) of the war passing through the wilderness.

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