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13 Things you Might Not Know About Friday the 13th

Updated: May 13, 2022

This day has always been considered lucky in my life.

1. I was born on Friday May 13th. Learning about the day I came into this world wasn’t easy for my mom and I. The odds were stacked against us. But we are both here today to tell the story so I consider this a lucky day. This year my birthday falls on Friday May 13th, I better buy a lotto ticket!

2) There is 13 weeks between each season.

3) Friday the 13th was considered the day of the Goddess, a day to worship the Divine Feminine in all of us and honour the cycles of creation, death and rebirth.

4) The Egyptians considered 13 a lucky number, representing 13 rungs on the ladder leading towards the spiritual completion of the soul.

5) In numerology the number 13 signifies upheaval, the destruction of old and the beginning of a new cycle.

6) Friday comes from Old English and means “day of Frigg”. Frigg is the Norse Goddess of love, fertility and motherhood. She is often seen as the same being as Freya who was the Goddess of blessings, love and fertility. She was a gentle ruler and a fierce warrior.

7) Friday is also associated with the planet Venus. Vendredi means Friday in French.

8) The 13th card in Tarot is the “Death” card it is about endings and beginnings, birth and rebirth, change and transformation. There is beauty in death, and it is an inherent part of being alive.

9) Judas, who betrayed Jesus, is thought to have been the 13th guest to sit down to the Last Supper. Even today, it's considered unlucky to have 13 people sitting at a dinner table, and some people pop a teddy bear in a seat to make the number of guests up to 14.

10) The famous 90’s rapper Tupac Shakur died on Friday September 13th

11) “Friggatriskaidekaphobia” is the name of a phobia for fear of Friday the 13th. Interesting that “Frigg” is the Norse Goddess from fact #6.

12) An Asteroid named 99942 Apophis will safely fly by the earth on Friday April 13th 2029. When it was first discovered in 2004, scientists thought it would collide with earth but this has changed. Phew!

13) Friday was considered an unlucky day for sailors to start a voyage into sea. They also did not like sailing on Thursday’s as this is “Thor’s” day the God of thunder and rain.

Most people consider this day unlucky or something bad may happen. But I always knew this was a special day for me. I believe our soul picks our birthdate and time. This way the positions of the sun, moon and planets are where they need to be to fulfill our life purpose and learn our lessons in this lifetime. I've been peeling back the layers for many years and everything I have learned and healed was leading up to this day and it has come full circle. For the past year I have seen the number "34" every day on the clock, 11:34, 12:34 or 1:34 and I had no idea what this meant. But today when I turn 34 at 2:08 pm on the 13th I understand this sign from spirit. I gone through a full circle of healing, a death and a rebirth. It's quite the story I may share one day. It's also no coincidence that this weekend is the blood moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio, a cycle of death and rebirth! I went through numerous darkest before the dawn moments and I always knew when I get through this I can fully step into my authentic self. Just like the Goddess Freya, she was a gentle ruler and a fierce warrior, that is energy I will embrace this year!

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